21 Incredible Firefox Add-ons to Boost your Productivity

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Firefox community has developed such a large number of add-ons to achieve almost any functionality one could think of.

Below, we have compiled a list of 21 add ons that are incredibly useful to enhance your productivity, keeping you focused and easing routine tasks of surfing the web.

1. Try Again


This add-on will keep on trying to load the web page you requested in case a page not found or network timeout error is encountered.

2. URL Fixer

URL Fixer

This nifty add-on will keep an eye on what you type in address bar and once you make a typo, it’ll automatically fix it e.g. typing .cmo instead of .com or missing h in http etc.

3. Flashblock


Rather than entirely blocking flash animations, this add-on replaces all flash animations on a page with a play button giving you an option to play the animation if it is useful e.g. a movie embedded in a web page.

4. Drag Drop Upload


If you upload files more frequently, then you’ll love this add-on. This add-on gives you the ability to drag and drop files from explorer to file upload input box. Now, you don’t have to look for the file using Browse button next to file upload dialog.

5. Text Link

If you often visit online forums or communities then you’ll find that sometimes people post links without making them hyperlinks and you have to copy paste the URL to open it. With this add on installed, you can just double click the URL to open it without requiring to copy-paste.

6. Scrapbook


Scrapbook is incredibly useful add on for Firefox in case you like to save what you find interesting on web. You can save snippets from Web pages or entire page into a scrapbook which you can easily read offline later. Also, it lets you organize scraps into folders and maintains the original style-sheet used on the Web page.

7. GSpace


GSpace converts your Gmail Space(7GB+) into an online drive providing an FTP like interface to let you upload files. You can use it to share files with your friends or as an online backup tool.

8. CyberSearch Firefox Extension


This add on acts as a super charger for Awesome Bar. It fetches Google results for what you type in address bar and displays them as results in awesome bar. Now you can Google right from the address bar.

9. Mouse Gestures Redox


With this add on, you can use mouse gestures to perform routine browsing tasks like moving back/forward in history, opening links, closing tabs etc. e.g. you can drag your mouse backwards with right click pressed to move back in history. Here is complete list of gestures you can use.

10. PageAddict


PageAddict is a less intrusive statistics tool that lets you analyze where you spend most of your time online.

11. Aging Tabs


This add-on will change colors of opened tabs with age and fade out the old tabs. Useful in case you work with large number of tabs simultaneously.

12. More Tools Menu

More Tools Menu

With more and more add ons, the Tools menu gets cluttered. This add on leaves just the required functionality in Tools menu and moves new items to a More Tools menu.

13. Copy Plain Text

This add on is quite useful for researchers and students as while preparing a document, when some text is copied from a website the formatting also gets copied in most of the word processors. With this add-on you can simply copy the text leaving the associated formatting.

14. Dictionary Tooltip

Dictionary Tooltip

Found a new Word? Just select it and right click on it to know its meaning after installing Dictionary Tootltip.

15. Read It Later

Read It Later

Browsing in a hurry? Read It Later lets you save web pages which you can easily read later offline.

16. FireFTP


FireFTP is a FTP Client that integrates into Firefox making it quite easy to upload or download files via FTP. It includes all the features of a standalone FTP client.

17. PDF Download

PDF Download

PDF Download lets you download PDF files more efficiently giving you much more options than default behavior.

18. FEBE

FEBE lets you backup your Firefox add ons quickly and easily. You can even rebuild installed extensions into .xpi files for installation on another computer which doesn’t have Internet connectivity.

19. CoolIris Previews


CoolIris Previews shows preview of the links on webpage on click on the icon displayed next to a link on hover. The preview lets you view unknown links that might not be safe to visit.

20. Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious Bookmarks

Using Delicious Bookmarks add on ensures that you never loose your bookmarks and your favorite sites are accessible anywhere, anytime.

21. Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus super charges Firefox’s Tab management functionality. With this, you can create duplicate tab, undo closed tabs, control tab clicking and tab focusing options in a much better way.


22.Adblock Plus

adblock plus

If you are ever annoyed by those sites that stuff ads on their pages that would eat up your bandwidth and take ages to load, then Adblock Plus is a must have ad-on to keep those annoying ads and banners at bay. This add-on will surely boost your productivity as with ads blocked, you can easily find content you wish to read. Thanks to Greg and Justin(in comments below) for recommending ABP.

Which Firefox add ons you use to enhance your productivity? Let us know in comments below.

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