Google Now lets you Find and Compare Public Data

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Google Google today launched a new feature for Google Search that lets you view statistics of public data like population, unemployment rate etc. For example, when you search for “population Nevada” you’ll find a chart based on official US Census Bureau’s Population division.

Besides population, Google Search shows chart for other types of data too, such as unemployment rate, CO2 emission, asthma frequency and  the list will go on extending in future. For now, the Google search shows charts for only population and unemployment rate and other types of data will slowly be added to the results.

Google Public Data Search

When you click on the link above the chart in search results, you are taken to another page, where you can compare data with other cities/ states. For example, clicking through the above chart result for unemployment rate Nevada, takes you to a page, where you can select other states to compare unemployment rate of Nevada.

Compare Public Data

According to Official Google blog, This feature is available only for US states and cities as of now.

This is a good step in making public data available in an intuitive way to people so that they can easily analyze trends.