15 Incredibly Useful Google Chrome Tips And Plugins

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Google Chrome is slowly building on its market share which is dominated by Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is now supported by a number of plugins which can be used to increase its functionality. Here is a list of  few tips and useful plugins that can increase your productivity in Google Chrome:

1. Save and Load Multiple Sessions in Chrome:

Google Chrome allows you to save, load and mange multiple instances of browser sessions. This has become possible with the Session Saver Chrome extension. This extension only works with the developer version of Chrome.You can download this extension here.

2.Use Context Menu in Chrome:

There are various options available in the context menu which are quite useful. Right-Click the back or forward button to browse the list of sites you last visited. You can copy any address or url and then right click in the address bar and select Paste and Go. To open a URL in Incognito window right click on the url and select Open In Incognito Window.

3.Use Google Chrome as unit converter and calculator:


Google Chrome can be used as a unit converter and calculator. It can be used not only for small calculations but it can also be used for advanced calculations. See how its done.

4.Change the default start mode to Incognito:

You can start chrome in Incognito mode everytime you open it. Right Click on the Chrome Shortcut and select properties. In the Properties Window, under the Shortcuts tab, select the target field and after the Final Quote leave a space and then type “–incognito”. Once you have finished click Apply and then OK.

5.GTalk On Chrome:


Gtalk is an extension for chrome that lets you open the GTalk Window while you are on any page in the browser. After installing this plugin You will see a Google talk button at the bottom toolstrip bar and clicking on it will pop up a Gtalk Window. Download Gtalk Extension

6.Hotmail email notifications in Chrome:

Google Chrome’s Hotmail Notifier extension can be used to know the status of your hotmail account. It displays unread messages in the inbox on the toolstrip. Download Hotmail Notifier Extension

7. Google Pagerank in Chrome:


Many users are quite interested in viewing the page rank of the site they are viewing. While Google chrome doesn’t have alexa plugin but it can be customised with a plugin to have page rank. Check out how to install and use this extension. This will work only in the developer version of chrome.

8. Increase the number of Omnibox Suggestions


By default chrome shows only 5 suggestions when you type in the address bar. You can increase the suggestions via a simple hack. Right-Click on the shortcut of chrome and select Properties.In the Target field, add the command line switch “-omnibox-popup-count=10″ (without the quote) to the end of the command. You can give any value you want to the count.

9.Create and Back Up Multiple Profiles

Sometimes you may not want other users to use chrome for browsing. This may be due to some saved passwords and browsing history. The easy way out is to make multiple profiles of the chrome browser.

Google Chrome Backup is a small application that allows you to easily create multiple profiles with a few mouse clicks.

10. Explore Chrome’s About pages


If you want to dig deep into chrome there is a special URL provided by chrome to fetch special information about the working and performance. In the address bar type ‘about:plugins’  and hit enter, you’ll see the list of all the plugins that are installed on chrome. Type ‘about:dns’ and you will get the information about the DNS pre-fetching system. Enter the URL ‘about:cache’, with this the URLs of every page and every page element that the browser has ever cached will appear – and they’re clickable. There are a lot of other things that you can try with the ‘about:’ in chrome.You can also type the following commands into the Google Chrome address window: about:stats, about:network, about:histograms, about:memory .

11.Google Chrome’s Task Manager


SHIFT-ESC opens up the task manager for chrome, where you can view the amount of computer memory and cpu cycles used by each tab in the browser. You can ebd any process as you do in the windows task manager.

12.Delete Cookies

To delete cookies, go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood. Scroll down to the Security section, and click Show cookies. Now you can click Remove all or remove individual cookies.

13.Run Chrome on 64-bit Windows 7


Google Chrome has known compatibility issues with the 64-bit version of the windows 7. To run chrome in this version, right-click on the shortcut of chrome and in the properties window, type –in-process-plugins after the command in the Target field.

14.Start Up with Multiple pages


By default, chrome opens up the most visited area, but it has option to open the websites that you like the most on the start up.

15. Google Chrome Shorcuts

Here are few lesser known and useful chrome keyboard shortcuts:

  • Control + Shift + N opens an ‘incognito’ window
  • Alt + Home loads your Google Chrome home page
  • Control + J brings up your Downloads page
  • Shift + Escape is a quicker way to bring up the Google Chrome Task manager.
  • Press Control + K or Control + E to search from the address bar.

If I missed any of your favorite tips or tricks, let us know in the comments.